URREA 8 in. – 10 in., 12 in. Adjustable Black Finish Chrome Wrench Set (3-Piece)


URREA industrial tools are specifically designed and manufactured to be used on the toughest jobs that are frequently required in the metallurgical, petroleum, construction, and heavy machinery industries, etc. These wrenches allow allow for the application of greater force or torque when necessary. One of the principal charachteristics of these tools is the “Black” finish and coating that protects them from corrosion. All of these type of wrenches come in the form of double hexagon (12 points), hexagonal (6 points) or open-ended wrenches, as well as in fractional and metric system sizes. They can also be found grouped and combined in several sets presented in practical cases that allow them to be transported and kept organized. Precision machined and heat-treated to provide the best combination of hardness, tensile strength, and torsion resistance.

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